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Welcome To sulaimany
The city of Sulaimany
It is the city of the University of Sulaimani. It is located in Kurdistanon the northeastern tip of Iraq, surrounded by mountains of an expansiveplateau. It has a population of about three-quarters of a million. It’s climate is temperate, with hot summers and cold snowy winters. Ever since its foundation by the Baban Dynasty in the late eighteenth century, the city has traditionally been the cultural and often political center of southern Kurdistan. It has managed to attract poets, writers and historians, as well as artists and businessmen, to become a major intellectual and trade center in this mainly agricultural region. Throughout the twentieth century, the city and its surrounding region became the birthplace and the cradle of many of the Kurdish national and patriotic movements and political parties .It became the nucleus of Kurdish national and cultural movements. This cultural, political and business predominance of the city made it a proper seat for the first University in the Kurdish region.
Sualimany is one of the most beautiful cities in Kurdistn.It was established in 1885 by the Baban family near Kalachualan. Nowadays it is one of the biggest Kurdish cities in South Kurdistan (Iraqi Kurdistan). There loads of attraction views & interesting sites in Sulaimanty.

The city of Sulaimani is located in the northeast of Iraqi Kurdistan . It is 355 Km far from Baghdad . The mountain ranges of Goyzha and Azmar to the Northeast and Gilla Zerda to the Southwest of Sulaimani from its natural borderlines . Sulaimani was founded in 1784 following Emir Ibrahim Pasha Baban’s decision to transfer the capital of Baban’s Emirate from (QalaChwalan) to a valley , 30 Km to the southwest, surrounded on all sides by mountain ranges. The corner-stone laid in the valley founded the city that was named after Sulaiman Pasha , who ruled Baghdad at that time as a representative of the Ottoman Empire . Sulaimani remained the capital of the Baban’s Emirate till 1851 when the Emirate was annexed to Mosul and the first Governor , Ismail Pasha , a commanding officer in the Ottoman Empire’s armed forces , was sent to Sulaimani to rule the city .
Since the beginning of the 19th century Sulaimani became the cultural and scientific centre of Kurdistan's intellectual thought . Many distinguished writers, poets and artists , who played an outstanding role in the social , national and cultural life of the nation , were from Sulaimani . It was also a centre for preserving and developing the Kurdish language . According to the census last held in 1987 , the city population was 364 096 people .

The population of the Sulaimani Governorate , which in 1987 included nine administrative provinces , was 951,723 people . Currently the Sulaimani Governorate is divided into seven administrative provinces .They are: Sulaimani , Chwarta , Penjwin , Rania , Qaladze, Dokan, Hallabja (old & new) . It should be noted that in most of these places , their villages and settlements were razed to the ground in the aftermath of the Ba’ath annihilation policy which reached its peak in 1988 . According to the 1977 census , the number of villages in the Governorate was 1877 , whereas , ten years later , in 1987 , their number was reduced to 192 villages .Six years have passed since the time when in March , 1991 , the people of Kurdistan took steps to establish the Government of the Kurdistan Region , the first freely and democratically elected Government in Iraqi Kurdistan . rebuilding the country , restructuring its political , economic and educational systems are the enormous tasks facing not only the people of Sulaimani , but the Government of the Kurdistan Region , its political parties and the whole of the Kurdish people . The University is to play an important role in this process raising an educated generation of intelligent specialists well-able to take an active part in this reconstruction .
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